Celebrating time with family and friends


Celebrating time with family and friends is an essential aspect of a healthy life. Weekends and public holidays provide us with time to share throughout the year and many of us head away to our favourite places for R&R. These short breaks are best spaced throughout the year in order to provide stress relief, creative opportunities, fun and group activities that provide time for celebration.

Quality holidays require planning, preparation and a balance of activities and relaxation. This in turn provides for a good re-entry to our work and life’s routines. Who wants to arrive to a holiday exhausted or return too tired to work? Getting the balance right is no easy task.

Here are some tips prior to taking a break;

  1. Make sure you get enough sleep
  2. Don’t work 24/7 prior to a holiday
  3. Exercise, at least in a moderate way
  4. Take breaks on a daily basis
  5. Say no to extra workload before going away
  6. Remember to balance your weekends and public holidays throughout the year

Going away?

  1. Consult with family
  2. Make a plan
  3. Research your destination
  4. Prepare the things you need, clothes maps, travel docs
  5. Travel guides can save to money and time!
  6. Have a “Plan B” for certain events
  7. You don’t have to do everything on your list
  8. Tell friends where you’re heading
  9. Remember to head away without too much pressure and too much luggage !!!

Whether taking short or long breaks it is important to switch off completely from work commitments. This is a psychological process of not allowing your mind to be over thinking things. It is also the physical process of not popping into the office, checking your inbox remotely or responding to work messages whilst you are away on your holiday. So both physically and mentally distancing yourself from work commitments requires active decision making.

Family and friends will gain enormously from having your undivided attention allowing everyone to rest, play and celebrate together.