Integrating Body and Mind in Everyday Life

Sometimes it seems our work takes all our energy with little space in the day to regenerate ourselves. We often ask the question “should I exercise or should I rest?” Our mind is trying to identify what is best for our body and this inner dialogue can be used to our benefit. We could call this “negotiating with ourselves”. These moments of self reflection might arise spontaneously and other times we need to stop what we are doing to consciously question ourselves. This questioning might include how we manage our time and for really busy people we may need to book a space in the diary for ourselves. Often we don’t make good use of this capacity to negotiate with ourselves and as a result our physical and/or mental health suffers.

Reflect on this idea for a moment: we as human beings may well be the only creatures on earth who have this capacity to self-reflect.  If indeed this is true we have constant opportunities make good use of our ability.

Exercise is a common way we de-stress whether this is in the gym, pool, yoga or out in nature. Of course, our minds wander off whilst exercising the physical body. Take some moments to tune in with your thinking.

Our breath can be considered the main link between body and mind. Using the mind to keep the breath in tune with our physical movements is not easy due to our tendency toward distraction. Carrying this awareness into our homes and offices makes for a positive work-life balance.

Here are some useful ideas

  • take one moment each day to consciously check in with yourself. Ask “How am I, both physically and mentally?”
  • once a week take some unstructured time to self-reflect
  • when at work take a break from computers and papers
  • take short walks
  • learn breathing exercises
  • visit your GP for a general health check
  • rather than waiting too long, seek help when you think it might be useful
  • contact one of our team of professionals


“It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.” Rene Descartes