Legal Assist Services


From this month clients of Vitae can access a new service for their staff called Legal Assist which will provide accessible legal support and advice services by telephone.

We recognise that for individuals and their families/whanau that legal issues can contribute to challenges and stress. People are commonly experiencing the impacts of separation or relationship breakdown, the death of close family or issues regarding their home and tenancy issues regarding the property they live in .All of these matters impact on a person’s wellbeing and this service has been established in response to this.

The service requires a manager initiated referral to Vitae, is delivered by telephone and provides for two sessions with a legal adviser who will offer guidance and support on a short term issue to an employee. It aims to be an initial point of contact to outline and support the person gaining a clearer understanding of the law and what their  legal options are. As a manager it can support you in providing some initial support for someone on your team dealing with a significant issue who needs support and information readily available early on.

The service does not include advice on employment related matters.

It does assist with:

  • Consumer matters or disputes
  • Family/whanau law
  • Relationship matters
  • Parenting of children matters
  • Legal wills
  • Tenancy and renting issues
  • Real estate and property related matters


If you wish to access the service for your staff please contact Vitae on or call 0508 664981