Privacy Requests / Request for Information

If you have used the Vitae counselling service you may request a copy of the clinical records associated with your referral including:

  • Dates on which the counselling service was provided
  • A copy of the notes retained by your clinician

Prior to the release of any information, Vitae will need to check your identity.

Clinical notes will be forwarded by post/courier in a plain envelope under confidential cover.

Clinical notes will not be released by email (except in extenuating circumstances).

Vitae will not provide any information in relation to your counselling sessions to a third party.  The information will only be released to the individual who has received the service.

The information requested will be released to you within 21 days of your request (provided that the request is complete and includes your photo ID).

To download the request for information form, please click here:

Further information in respect of your rights under the Privacy Act 2020 is available from the Privacy Commission