Trauma Services

Ratonga Patuwairua

Traumatic events, such as accidents, natural disasters and violence, can affect a business at any time.

An unprepared business faces greater health and safety risks and the increased likelihood of financial loss. Each year, over 10% of New Zealand workers suffer an injury at work, particularly in the manufacturing, agriculture and construction industries – and the cost of this lost productivity is estimated at $632 million per year.

Vitae provides trauma support services in preparation for and response to traumatic events. Being prepared provides the peace of mind that in the event of an incident occurring you have done all you can to protect and prepare staff, and ensures that your business can return to productivity as quickly as possible.

Vitae’s trauma specialists can help you prepare an emergency action plan, ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place. Training is provided for managers and staff to help them cope during and after a traumatic incident.

When a critical incident occurs, Vitae immediately mobilises the service manager who will assess your need and arrange an appropriate level of response.  Generally within 2 to 4 hours, one of our 60 nationwide trauma responders will be on site working with your staff providing on-the-spot psychological first aid and assistance. They will continue to work with your business, providing follow-up counselling and on-site support as needed. All of Vitae’s Trauma Support team are trained and accredited to Australasian standard (CISM).

CISM training 2024

More information about Vitae CISM training to come soon. Dates for more courses are still to be confirmed.  

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Supporting Workplaces through major events:

Vitae has supported individuals and workplaces through a number of major events over recent times including the Christchurch terror attack of 15 March 2019, the Whakaari White island volcanic eruption of 9 December 2019 and during the Covid – 19 pandemic since 2020.

We have been able to support the many workplaces that closely interact within these major events and on the disruptions that trauma has caused in the workplace.

In our experience, until people have resolved the personal and psychological effects of the trauma, they are not able to effectively contribute to the demands of their workplace. Our trauma teams have been working throughout NZ to ensure that people affected by trauma are fit for work.