Employee Assistance Services

Even the healthiest and best cared-for staff will at times experience situations where a helping hand is needed.

Ensuring that employees’ needs are taken care of, and that the most appropriate assistance can be accessed quickly, minimises disruption and ensures that your business continues to run smoothly.

Vitae’s Employee Assistance Services combine over 50 years’ experience of offering employee assistance programmes (EAPs) in New Zealand with the latest methods in people support. Based on the nature of your organisation, assistance may be offered through on-site support, employee counselling, trauma support and health and wellbeing services.

Our nationwide assistance team comprises professional clinicians, on-site support specialists, career specialists, coaches and Registered Nurses - all with expertise in their field with many years of combined service. Experienced in dealing with a wide range of workplace issues such as workplace relations, change management, dispute resolution, and career assistance, as well as personal issues such as financial problems, family problems, stress, grief, alcoholism and depression, Vitae’s employee assistance specialists ensure that employees receive rapid and effective help when needed.