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Ratonga Hau Ora

A critical success factor for businesses is a healthy, productive workforce that is able to thrive among the stresses and strains of today’s working environment.

Businesses with employees who are supported and valued spend less time coping with people’s problems and the consequences of absenteeism and high staff turnover. They are rewarded with a loyal workforce where morale and productivity prosper.

Vitae’s Wellness Services are designed to assist businesses build a more productive and loyal workforce. Practical and skills-based, the services are tailored for individual organisations ensuring that the specific needs of their workforce are addressed. Once a needs assessment is completed, Vitae’s experts work with you to develop a plan that may include workshops, executive coaching, professional supervision and training.  

Vitae’s wellness specialists are able to equip your staff either individually or as teams with skills in areas such as how to become more resilient, thriving through effective communication, and building a culture of respect. Your account manager will work closely with you keeping you informed of progress and results.

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“We receive an excellent service. If you care about your staff then Vitae is an excellent way to show it.”

Gavin Ion, Chief Executive,
Waikato District Council