We work closely with a range of clients, from large, national organisations to small and medium sized businesses and schools; each with different problems and pressures.
One thing they’ve all learnt is that whether behind a desk, a wheel or a workbench, employees who are healthy, resilient and balanced are safer and far more productive than those who are not.

Whai Oranga O Te Iwi

1st September 2021

Thank you Vitae, attending supervision was not easy and I had to identify within myself to make the step, to reach out, to go outside my comfort zone, to have courage and to make a decision that I needed some help and direction so that I could be a better Practice Manager.  Supervision has given me tools to apply in my work place for continuous improvement, to be more efficient in my work and to work better with my colleagues through effective communication, different approaches and working as a team.  I appreciate your services Vitae, work on the tools provided daily, find other tools I need on my journey in life and recommend supervision to other staff.

Pie Funds Testimonial

18th January 2021

The experience with the team was top notch and I have received really good advice and support from them. It is good to know that when an employee does approach their manager or myself that we do have Vitae as our partner to assist with staff wellbeing.


Architectural Profiles Limited

15th May 2020

We are a large business who utilise Vitae counselling services as our EAP. In all of my dealings with Vitae whether we making a request for counselling or administrative support the team at Vitae are both extremely professional, confidential and helpful. The process by which requests are made is simple and the team are very responsive. Vitae also have psychological support which has provided effective support to more serious cases. Would highly recommend Vitae’s service to any business wanting to provide external support to enhance employees health and wellbeing.  

Ultra Fast Fibre Testimonial

19th March 2020

More than happy with the services provided and the reports and updates we receive from Vitae.  Yes, the events around the world are making for a fluid situation with potential changes on a day by day (even hour by hour) basis. Social distancing is a critical aspect to the current Pandemic situation, so using technology where it’s practicable is useful in supporting this.

Keep up the good work!

Doug Watson
Health and Safety Manager

Mainfreight Testamonial

21st August 2017

Every day our team come to work with any number of issues which weigh on their mind.  Sometimes we are aware and sometimes we are not.  It’s reassuring to know our team can reach out to Vitae professionals when they feel their usual approach is not working and get the assistance they need.

Martin Devereux
Group Manager – Team Development

Skills.org Testimonial

4th August 2017

We have been using the services of Vitae for staff counselling for a number of years.  Vitae is always very helpful and responsive when we need anything.  They acted really quickly to help us get counsellor on site after the Wellington earthquakes and staff found this extremely helpful and supportive.

We’ve also had the pleasure of Liz Pennington running courses for our people leaders on well-being in the workplace.  Then sessions were interesting and interactive and gave us practical tips we could use straight away.

If you are looking for the services of a caring and efficient organisation to support your staff then I would highly recommend Liz and the Vitae team.

Anna McNicholl
HR Manager

Cambridge Resthaven Testimonial

9th August 2017

The support our current Vitae On-site person gives is excellent – very responsive to our needs and very approachable. We get very positive feedback from the staff.

SMX Testimonial

8th August 2017

SMX is very pleased with the Services being provided by Vitae. Please thank everyone at Vitae for the great service they are providing. We really appreciate it.

Colin Print
Chief Financial Officer

M.E. Jukes & Son

Genesis Energy

Dementia Care NZ


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