About Us


A healthier workforce means a healthier business

Vitae is New Zealand’s fastest-growing, nationwide provider of workplace wellbeing and employee assistance services. We focus on enhancing the productivity and success of your business by enhancing the wellbeing of your staff.

We work closely with a range of clients, from large, national organisations to small and medium sized businesses and organisations, each with different problems and pressures. One thing they’ve all learnt is that whether behind a desk, a wheel or a workbench, employees who are healthy, resilient and have a balanced lifestyle are far more productive than those who are not.

That’s the philosophy behind our name: Vitae (which means 'of life'). We constantly see many times over the positive effect that a healthy workplace has on business productivity, and can confidently say that ‘when life works better, business works better’.

Our beginnings

Vitae started life during the building of the Manapouri Power Project in 1965.  Led by Owen Kitchinghman, support was provided to workers building the power station.  Owen was instrumental in forming The Inter-church Trade & Industry Mission (ITIM), and within 45 years ITIM had developed into four regional centres, trading as Workplace Support North Island, Seed (Central), Workplace Support Canterbury/ Westland and Workplace Support Southern.

In 2011, Seed and Workplace Support North Island joined as one entity to provide more comprehensive, nationwide services to our combined clients.  Today, with widespread acceptance that the wellbeing of staff is vital to business productivity, Vitae leads the way by offering the latest wellbeing and employee assistance services designed to help you build safe, healthy and productive work places.

The Vitae difference

As a Not-for-Profit organisation, Vitae takes a values-based approach to your business. This means that while you focus on stakeholder returns, year-on-year growth or the demands of introducing a new curriculum, we can ensure that your staff are able to cope with the pressures and demands being placed on them.

While much of what we do is about helping people, it is important that business owners, managers or principals are able to measure the benefits we bring to your organisation. So while we care about your staff, we also care about your bottom line.

That’s why we offer what we call the Vitae difference:
Visibility Our regular on-site support means we’re more visible in your workplace, so we can be more proactive and attuned to your business, your people and any potential issues.
Individual approach Vitae offers a wide range of tailored and packaged services to suit the needs and nature of different organisations.
Tangibility We focus on making measurable improvements to your productivity, as well as your people.
Accountability We’re results-driven - 88% of our clients tell us we deliver a better-than-expected outcome.
Expertise Our 400 support specialists are highly qualified practitioners, among the best in their respective fields.

We improve the lives of your employees – and the life of your business

While globalisation and digitisation have opened the doors to success for many New Zealand businesses, their impact is often less than positive for employees as the lines between work and personal life can become blurred.

At Vitae, our focus on relationships and personal contact ensures that your staff will always know who they can turn to for the support they need.

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