On-site support

Ratonga toroawhina

Through regular support our on-site team focuses on building relationships and personal contact to help employees deal with a wide range of issues, including workplace stress, personal problems, relationship problems, conflict, anger or violence, grief, anxiety and depression.

One of our team of nationwide, dedicated on-site support specialists will visit your business for an agreed period each week or fortnight. Over time, through getting to know your employees, business and culture, they can quickly respond to issues as they occur to minimise disruption and ensure business continuity. From life issues to workload issues, your employees know they have a safe, confidential, professional and highly experienced support person to assist them.

To see how on-site support could improve the productivity of your business please contact theteam@vitae.co.nz

Client testimonials



"The service Vitae provides in supporting
our staff to deal positively with challenging situations and interactions, both in the workplace and at home, is invaluable.

Alison Hume,
Dementia Care NZ


“The support person has become a valuable member of the team dealing with personnel issues and provides the Company with a strong link between management and employees.”

Ted Caiger,
OSH/HR/Compliance Manager,
NZ Starch