Wellbeing Awards

Each year, the Vitae senior management team acknowledges an organisation and an individual from our customer organisations to receive a Wellbeing Award. The awards recognise organisations and individuals who are creating a positive work culture to improve employee wellbeing - especially those actions and significant contributions that stand out from the rest.

Could you be a recipient this year?

You can nominate your organisation, yourself, someone in your organisation or another of Vitae’s customers. We want to be aware of the great work that we know is happening and acknowledge this within our customers.

Nominations accepted February - April each year.

Wellbeing Award winners


Organisation Wellbeing Award - PaperKite

PaperKite has been awarded this because of the following:

  • A people first outlook, where employees can bring their whole self to work.
  • The focus not only on professional development but also personal development with every staff member having a Discipline Lead and People Coach.
  • A personal onboarding process which sets people up for success and makes them feel comfortable and valued from the moment they start.
  • Genuine care for all staff that starts at the top with your leadership team.
  • Prioritising whanaungatanga and time for connection with ‘tools-down’ Fridays.

Congratulations to the whole team for this award! It is companies like PaperKite that we love to work with!


Individual Wellbeing Award - Trina Cornelius

The individual wellbeing award was presented to Trina Cornelius, Wellbeing & Safety Consultant at FMG. Trina champions and promotes Wellbeing in all her day to day activities. A few highlights as to why Trina would be a worthy winner of a Vitae Wellbeing Award are:

  • In the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle which had a significant impact on FMG's business Trina organised both onsite and virtual resilience sessions for employees and People Leaders across the organisation.
  • Following on from this Trina has been present on-site offering support to employees in the regions where the impact of the cyclone is still present
  • Trina has continued to develop professionally by attending courses such as the Vitae's Crisis Intervention Training.
  • Trina has been instrumental in adding Couples Counselling and Financial Coaching to FMG's EAP offering through Vitae.

We congratulate Trina for all her tireless work.

Organisation Wellbeing Award - Hutt City Council

The company wellbeing award was presented to the Hutt City Council for their energy and commitment to a range of inclusive and comprehensive staff wellbeing initiatives and living their stated values. They understand and respond to the wellbeing needs of their staff in meaningful ways. Congratulations Hutt City Council!

The award was presented to Katie Shaw - Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager on their behalf.


Individual Wellbeing Award - Paris Bree

Paris Bree has been a trailblazer in helping New Zealand Oil & Gas become a place where staff feel safe, well, and listened to. Paris's energy has fuelled the Te Ata Wellbeing project, a holistic wellbeing framework that aims be an effective, accessible, and relatable for all staff.

Description automatically generated The name ‘Te Ata’ reflects the dawn of the explorer's journey towards sustainable, holistic wellbeing. The Te Ata Wellbeing project provides a platform that helps staff and teams navigate changing environments and equips them with the tools needed to be effective and resilient individuals. This initiative has been embedded into the foundation of NZ Oil & Gas’s wider business imperatives.

Paris was the driving force behind New Zealand Oil & Gas achieving (and retaining) a Rainbow Tick, a first for a listed oil company in New Zealand. Paris does this incredible work while balancing a busy life as the mum of three young sons. She is a well-deserved recipient of the Vitae Wellbeing Award!

Special mention goes to: Rachel Turner of ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) Wellington & Christine Hanks of Mary Potter Hospice, Auckland.

Organisation Wellbeing Award - Mary Potter Hospice

Mary Potter Hospice has recently implemented a ‘Supporting the Wellbeing of Our People’ programme. This programme recognises that wellbeing is not a one size fits all concept. Instead, it focuses on work culture and initiatives that empower and enable individuals to take personal responsibility for their wellbeing and how they can thrive.

This holistic programme is based on the Māori Wellness Model, Te Whare Tapa Wha. Initiatives specifically support the areas of physical, mental, spiritual and whanau wellbeing. The wellbeing programme acknowledges the amazing contribution hundreds of volunteers make to the hospice and has started to incorporate volunteers into initiatives where practical e.g. opening membership of their social club up to them.

Special mention goes to: Changing Minds, Auckland.


Organisation Wellbeing Award - Ministry of Justice

This year, we would like to acknowledge Ministry of Justice and the people that have demonstrated great care for its staff wellbeing.

There have been some challenging periods through this last year, and the team have worked methodically and tirelessly to provide the support needed. This has required a deep understand the impact of the traumatic nature of some of the work that staff are involved in on a day to day basis.

It has been a pleasure to work alongside Helana Taylor and Rachelle Davies.


Individual Wellbeing Award - Dave Tyson

This year, one of our individual wellbeing awards is extended to Dave Tyson, Health and Safety Manager at Parliamentary Services. Dave is a real advocate for people based solutions, a forward thinking manager who we have seen make a huge difference this past year. He has managed a range of wellbeing options for staff including supervision and onsite support.

It has been a pleasure to work with Dave and you cannot help by being inspired by his thinking and outlook on wellbeing.

Individual Wellbeing Award - Jeremy Bennett

Our other award this year is extended to Jeremy Bennett, Manager at New World Whakatane. He stands out for the significant contribution, care and active concern that he shows to his staff, and this support of their personal and professional wellbeing.