Human resource support and advice

Tari pumanawa tangata

Managing your people is a key focus and priority for every business. Ensuring that your team are engaged and productive and working together is best achieved when there is a shared purpose, goodwill, clear expectations and acknowledgment of peoples efforts and achievements.

Central to all of this is the need for proactive human resource management which builds a culture of people feeling respected and valued.

Vitae can partner with you by providing access to human resource specialists who have expertise in managing teams. We can help in several ways:

For small organisations we can provide assistance with policy and procedure, recruitment, performance management and working with your team to build both your knowledge and confidence in human resource management.

For medium to large organisations who have designated human resource staff, we can be a complementary and confidential support to your team.

Having someone who is independent from the organisation and brings a fresh perspective can add real value and aid in shaping a way forward in challenging times.

Vitae uses professional human resource personnel who have significant experience in a wide range of workplaces, in mediation and  in working alongside managers providing facilitation and guidance.

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