Professional Supervision / Mentoring Services - Rātonga Tikanga Tangata

High “people contact” jobs often have high levels of responsibility and at times, stress. Professional supervision/Mentoring can help reduce that stress and its impact by providing professional development and support.

Professional Supervision/Mentoring is not ‘line management “supervision”. Interaction with a professional Supervisor/mentor provides emotional support and professional assistance that can help minimize the stress that professionals may experience from their job.

Professional Supervision/mentoring can be accessed at a frequency that suits the individual or organization and, if not compulsory, staff are encouraged to attend sessions as part of their professional development.

Benefits of professional Supervision / Mentoring

  • Provides regular confidential consultation, advice and support
  • Improves professional development and practice
  • Assists in the resolution of work issues related to relationship management or service delivery
  • Reduces workplace stress and the associated risks of that
  • Enhances performance and effectiveness


Supervision/Mentoring is a mechanism for:

  • Improving the quality of service to clients
  • Maintaining and safeguarding standards of practice
  • Valuing the development of professional and practice knowledge

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