Manager Equip - Hāpai Poutoko

This is a toolkit for managers and team leaders to support wellbeing at work. The knowledge and understanding, skills and confidence that are gained in leading staff are essential in setting a culture for wellbeing.

Managing people is challenging and a leaders wellbeing impacts on the team’s experience. Leaders have the same work-related stresses and strains as everyone else - dealing with change and uncertainty; managing their workload; keeping ahead or keeping up with the game; balancing home, work and other commitments. 

A leaders role is about working through others, you're trying to be aware of how those things are going for everyone in your team plus monitoring that they're working well together - and dealing with it if they're not.  And since you're the boss, you're likely to be the first port of call when team members have got problems of any sort.

Lead the way and equip yourself; ask yourself what experiences, empathy and education you can bring to promoting and supporting mental wellbeing in yourself and others. Think about whether you'd benefit from up-skilling through the Manager Equip toolkit which is designed to support managers and team leaders in their role promoting wellbeing at work. 

The toolkit includes, a series of workshops Kura Toiora, onsite wellbeing clinics Whare Haumanu Toiora and wellbeing coaching Kaiako Toiora. There will 13 designed workshops falling into 4 distinct topics:

1.    What is workplace wellbeing

2.    My role as a manager

3.    Creating a positive wellbeing environment

4.    Managing risk while building resilient teams

Four key training workshops are launched at this time for you to enquire about, with additional workshops released through 2020.

The trainings currently on offer include:

  • Mental health in the workplace in the context of Aotearoa
  • Stress, personal self-care and resilience
  • Facilitating challenging conversations
  • Talking about suicide prevention

The workshops are delivered by experienced facilitators, the content being clinically based with practical skills and strategies. Collateral will have your logo alongside our own and tailored against your policies and specific language needs in order for training to be easily generalised and adopted within your workplace

Please register your interest at or call 0508 664 981

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